Waves at Eoropie

Waves sweeping in from the Atlantic at Eoropie (Eòrapaidh) on the Isle of Lewis. This is the last in my photo-series on water.   Do you have any suggestions for my next theme?    Image © Jo Woolf

Jewels of the sea

The latest in my water-themed photo series – taken from the pier on the Isle of Lismore, as we waited for the ferry.   The light was being refracted into wonderful blues and greens, making the stones look like exotic jewels. Image © Jo Woolf 


The glorious beach at Sanna in Ardnamurchan is the latest in my water-themed photo series.  A long drive, but well worth the effort! Image © Jo Woolf

Culross Palace: glowing with splendour

Its walls the colour of saffron, Culross Palace beckons you into a 17th-century world of cobbled streets and quaint townhouses

Bracklinn Falls

From droplets to a roaring torrent… this is the majesty of Bracklinn Falls after heavy rain, photographed on a wet day at the end of summer. To get to the falls… Look for the brown signpost as you come into Callander from the east, and follow the road up to a car park.  It’s a […]

Temple Wood stone circles, Kilmartin Glen

We might have forgotten what went on there, but we’re still drawn to stone circles like moths to a flame – and this one in Kilmartin Glen is certainly alluring

In a nutshell: Cardoness Castle

Ancient seat of the McCullochs, Cardoness Castle has seen some troubled times. Violence, plunder, feuding… it all went on here!

Scottish islands: Mull

Is this one of the best beaches in Scotland?  I think so, but then I’m biased!   As you come round a corner on Mull’s wild and rocky north-west coast, Calgary Bay opens up before your eyes in all its white and turquoise beauty. Photo © Jo Woolf

Ellen’s Isle

This small wooded island in Loch Katrine was the refuge of Scott’s heroine in ‘The Lady of the Lake’

Dryburgh Abbey

The pink sandstone ruins of Dryburgh Abbey stand in their own little pool of time, listening for the gentle chant of prayers