Standing stone near Loch Ederline

Checking fields at random around Kilmartin Glen will reveal any number of cairns and standing stones. This one, right by the roadside, was still a surprising find.

The Ballymeanoch stones, Kilmartin

Clad in silvery garlands of lichen, these stones have been casting long shadows in Kilmartin Glen for thousands of years

The Tuilyies stones

A windswept shore, standing stones and a blasted oak… it sounds like one of Emily Bronte’s dreams!

The Devil’s Arrows: shafts of darkness

The people who put up these standing stones in North Yorkshire were obviously thinking big – but what on earth are those grooves all about?

Croft Moraig: circle of light

Right by the roadside near Kenmore in Perthshire is this wonderful stone circle – and some of its best friends appear to be trees

The best of 2014

As the year draws to a close, I’m taking a look back at some of my favourite places and posts from 2014…

Kintraw’s lonely watcher

Marking the midsummer sunset, this ancient monolith stands guard over two burial mounds high above Loch Craignish in Argyll

The stone circles of Fortingall

Stirred by recent human activity, these ancient circles present an enduring puzzle. Sometimes it really is better to leave stones unturned!

Nether Largie: secrets in stone

Neither a circle nor a row, the arrangement of stones at Nether Largie in Argyll is puzzling in the extreme. What were our ancestors thinking… and why were they so keen on carving those little cup shapes?

Clach na Carraig or Diarmid’s Pillar

In Glen Lonan, Argyll, an impressive standing stone is said to mark the grave of a legendary Irish hero.