St Moluag’s Cathedral on the Isle of Lismore

When it came to choosing an island for his monastery, the ‘Apostle of the Picts’ wasn’t going to let Lismore slip through his hands…

St Adamnan’s Cross in Glen Lyon

Who lived in this extraordinary glen, 1300 years ago? One man who did was St Adamnan, and this simple cross remembers his kindness…

New fun quiz: Which famous warrior are you?

This will answer the question you’ve always been asking yourself: which warrior in history are you most like?

Iona: an island beyond words

Recently featured in Neil Oliver’s series ‘The Sacred Wonders of Britain’, the island of Iona has a deep sense of sanctity and serenity.

Dunkeld Cathedral: Scotland’s sacred heart

Can 1200 years of worship leave a lasting trace? Dunkeld Cathedral has witnessed warfare and destruction, but its atmosphere is one of enduring serenity.

Kilmore – a quiet chapter

An atmosphere of complete peace surrounds this lovely little ruined church in Argyll.

St Brendan and the Garvellachs

St Brendan and the Garvellachs sounds like an Irish folk group… and in a way, that’s what they were! In the 6th century St Brendan and a band of adventurers set sail in search of paradise.

Iona’s timeless haven

Not more ruins! But look how beautiful… Iona’s 13th century nunnery will enchant you with its architecture, its setting and its serene atmosphere.