Scottish castles

As I drift my way around Scotland's mesmerising array of castles, my 'must-visit' list seems to be getting longer rather than shorter. I hope these features will inspire you to visit at least one (or three!)

Blackness Castle

There’s nothing romantic about this castle on the Firth of Forth: armed to the teeth, with walls 18 feet thick, Blackness was once a power to be reckoned with

Smailholm Tower

A ‘peel tower’ in the Scottish Borders, basking in the autumn sunshine and remembering a colourful history of reiving

Old Castle Lachlan: loyalty and loss

Ghosts of horses tend to come in different guises, some of them benevolent and some of them more inclined towards the Apocalypse. The story that is linked with Old Castle Lachlan is moving and gentle, touched by the sadness of Culloden

Loch Avich and the Castle of the Red-haired Girl

I knew there had to be a story attached to this; I hope you’ll find it as spellbinding as I did!

Rosslyn Castle – falling shadows

Gaunt and brooding, the battered fragments of a spectacular fortress stand in the woodlands of Roslin Glen

Carnbane Castle and a banquet for a bard

On top of a little wooded knoll in Glen Lyon, I felt as if I’d stepped straight into a legend…

In a nutshell: Cardoness Castle

Ancient seat of the McCullochs, Cardoness Castle has seen some troubled times. Violence, plunder, feuding… it all went on here!

Six more of Scotland’s haunted castles

Scotland will never run short of haunted castles. Since Hallowe’en is approaching, I wondered if you’d like to tiptoe around a few of them with me…

Dunstaffnage Castle: defiant to the last

In the 13th century, no one approached Dunstaffnage Castle without a very good reason. It still fills you with a sense of awe…

Scottish islands: Kerrera

Kerrera is the long, low island that sits like a natural storm barrier between Oban Bay and the Firth of Lorn.  It has a marina on its eastern side, and the CalMac ferries are constantly coming and going around its northernmost point, on their way to the outer islands.   Taking your car to Kerrera isn’t really an […]