Beeches in Sutherland’s Grove

Thank you to everyone who suggested that my next photo series should focus on autumn in Scotland.   A lovely idea!  This is my first choice, taken in Sutherland’s Grove in Argyll. Photo © Colin Woolf

Golden water

Now that summer has arrived in Scotland (a welcome surprise!) I’ve chosen another in my water-themed photo series, with a refreshingly cool feel:  sunlight dappling the rocks in a burn on the Isle of Lismore. Copyright © Jo Woolf

Trees 6: white

Taken a few years ago, when an overnight snowfall had transformed the trees behind our house into feathery tendrils of white.   I love the silence that comes after snow. © Jo Woolf

Trees 5: Reflections

This photo was taken a misty day last winter, by the Lake of Menteith.  The tree seemed to be dipping its fingers into the water.  It’s hard to work out where the branches end and the reflection begins! Photo copyright © Colin Woolf

Random rocks: Loch Linnhe

Rocks are the new theme for my photography posts! These were found on the shore of Loch Linnhe in Argyll

Gateway into 2015

A lovely old gateway near Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye…

Pottery workshop in Crail

A pretty, flower-garnished old doorway in a back street of this seaside town

A forgotten summer

Photographed down a minor road in the Highlands, this dilapidated shed and rusty old bike must have seen happier, sunnier days

Doorway into Castle Campbell

The courtyard of Castle Campbell is glimpsed through an old stone doorway from the gardens

Museum garden in St Andrews

A lovely old doorway in St Andrews, enhanced by a stunning display of late summer flowers