Lime trees – May

Lime Trees 13 May 4

The lime trees that I’ve been photographing in Perth’s South Inch have burst into leaf in the space of a week. This picture was taken on 4th May: and this one on 13th: What a beautiful fresh green, and all the new leaves were fluttering in a warm spring breeze when I went past last […]

Bracklinn Falls

Bracklin Falls - Jo 92

From droplets to a roaring torrent… this is the majesty of Bracklinn Falls after heavy rain, photographed on a wet day at the end of summer.   I’m including a video with this one, to give you an idea of the spectacle! To get to the falls… Look for the brown signpost as you come into […]

Temple Wood stone circles, Kilmartin Glen

Temple Wood Crop 2

We might have forgotten what went on there, but we’re still drawn to stone circles like moths to a flame – and this one in Kilmartin Glen is certainly alluring

Raindrops on birch twigs

Bracklin Falls - Jo 45

Water has endless beauty, so I thought it would make a great subject for a new photo-series. My first choice is this lovely image of dripping birch branches in the woods around Bracklinn Falls near Callander.   A photo of the falls themselves is lined up to appear soon – and they were spectacular, thundering down […]

Lime trees in Perth – April

Daffodils, Perth 7th April (1)

You might remember that I decided to photograph the lime trees in Perth’s South Inch every month, as I walked past them on the way to the RSGS. I only just managed to get a photograph for March – on the 31st – and I photographed them again yesterday, so really there is only one […]

Trees 7: frozen

Loch Leven, frozen 31

Our first winter in Scotland was long and cold;   this photo of a Scots pine was taken in January 2010, on the shore of Loch Leven.   The whole loch had frozen and a breath of white mist clung to the surface, blurring the edges and giving it an other-worldly appearance. © Colin Woolf

Trees 6: white

Snow 76

Taken a few years ago, when an overnight snowfall had transformed the trees behind our house into feathery tendrils of white.   I love the silence that comes after snow. © Jo Woolf

Nacreous clouds

Nacreous clouds a 2 Feb 40

Over the last couple of days, towards sunrise and sunset, our skies have contained something that I never really hoped to see, because it was so rare:   a phenomenon known as nacreous clouds. This morning, from our front windows, we were gazing at a kaleidoscope of colour, obviously very high in the atmosphere, dazzlingly brilliant.  […]

Trees 5: Reflections

Lake of Menteith

This photo was taken a misty day last winter, by the Lake of Menteith.  The tree seemed to be dipping its fingers into the water.  It’s hard to work out where the branches end and the reflection begins! Photo copyright © Colin Woolf

Trees of winter

Beech Trees in Winter 2

On a New Year’s Day walk, the sound of the wind in the trees reminded me of these words by Thomas Hardy