Windows: Culross Palace

Distinctive dormer windows in the roof of Culross Palace

Culross Abbey

High on the hillside above Culross Palace are the peaceful ruins of a very old monastery with links to St Mungo and St Serf

Culross Palace: glowing with splendour

Its walls the colour of saffron, Culross Palace beckons you into a 17th-century world of cobbled streets and quaint townhouses

The Tuilyies stones

A windswept shore, standing stones and a blasted oak… it sounds like one of Emily Bronte’s dreams!

Pottery workshop in Crail

A pretty, flower-garnished old doorway in a back street of this seaside town

Ghosts of St Andrews

A spooky tour of St Andrews, where it seems that every street and every building has its own spectral inhabitant. Would you wander around here after dark? I’m not sure I would!

St Mary’s College in St Andrews

On a visit to St Andrews, just by chance, we stepped through an archway and discovered the ancient quadrangle of St Mary’s College. What a lovely place, and what a long history!

Falkland Palace: power and glory

Sitting on the quiet main street of Falkland in Fife is one of the most remarkable Scottish castles, brainchild of the brilliant but ill-fated Stewart kings

St Andrews: the legacy of St Rule

The arrival of some very precious relics on the shore of Fife inspired the building of a wonderful church, and helped to forge the identity of Scotland…