Red deer painting – now finished

Colin has now finished the red deer painting that he began in January.  Here it is in all its misty mountain glory… You can see the painting in progress in this earlier post on The Hazel Tree. Copyright © Colin Woolf More of Colin’s work can be found at

Red deer painting

Colin has started 2016 with a big project… a new painting of some red deer making their way across a wintry mountain landscape.  This is going to be a large picture, with plenty of depth and drama.   Here it is in progress! Close-up of the foreground: There’s plenty more to do – acres of heather, […]

Woodcock pin-feather paintings – with gold leaf

A pair of woodcock pin-feather paintings with a new element: gold leaf

Black grouse – a new painting

Colin has been working on this painting of black grouse over the last couple of weeks – it was on his easel at the Scottish Game Fair, and it’s now finished. There’s a lovely iridescence in the male’s plumage, and the two greyhens are beautiful in their intricate camouflage.  The grass was probably the biggest headache […]

New painting: redpoll

A lovely watercolour study of one of our tiniest finches!

Tawny owl – a new pencil drawing

This lovely new pencil drawing is just finished…

Woodcock pin-feather painting – in progress

A beautiful new painting on Colin’s easel, with a wintry backdrop of snowy hills

New pencil study: barn owl

Beautiful softness and feather detail

A wise hare

A new study in pencil, just finished

A pencil drawing of a wren

A sweet little wren features in this new pencil drawing