Trees 7: frozen

Loch Leven, frozen 31

Our first winter in Scotland was long and cold;   this photo of a Scots pine was taken in January 2010, on the shore of Loch Leven.   The whole loch had frozen and a breath of white mist clung to the surface, blurring the edges and giving it an other-worldly appearance. © Colin Woolf

Trees 6: white

Snow 76

Taken a few years ago, when an overnight snowfall had transformed the trees behind our house into feathery tendrils of white.   I love the silence that comes after snow. © Jo Woolf

Trees 5: Reflections

Lake of Menteith

This photo was taken a misty day last winter, by the Lake of Menteith.  The tree seemed to be dipping its fingers into the water.  It’s hard to work out where the branches end and the reflection begins! Photo copyright © Colin Woolf

Trees 4: monochrome

Scots Pines Kelso 3

These Scots pines were photographed in colour, although you’d never think so! The cold December drizzle turned everything to monochrome.

Trees 3: Scots pine

Scots pine 1 (1)

The trunk of an old Scots pine reminds me of a landscape in miniature:  a terrain of contoured hills riven with deep gorges. At the winter solstice, druids would light bonfires of Scots pine branches with the aim of drawing back the sun into the cycle of seasons.  You can find out more in this feature on The […]

Trees 2: Sunlight

Trees by Loch Lubnaig

Lit by a fleeting patch of sunlight, these larches glow like candles beside the shore of Loch Lubnaig.   The shorter trees to the left could be birch or alder.  Taken in November last year. Photo copyright © Jo Woolf

Trees 1: Winter beech

Beech trees, Autumn 3

In this new photo-series I’m going to share some of my favourite photos of trees.    This old beech tree, photographed near Kelso in late autumn, made a beautiful silhouette against the sky. Photo copyright © Jo Woolf

Scottish islands: Mull

Calgary Bay, Isle of Mull 66

Is this one of the best beaches in Scotland?  I think so, but then I’m biased!   As you come round a corner on Mull’s wild and rocky north-west coast, Calgary Bay opens up before your eyes in all its white and turquoise beauty. Photo © Jo Woolf

Scottish islands: Harris

Luskentyre beach 30

Time for another in my Scottish islands series, and this time I’m visiting Harris in the Western Isles.   Harris has a dazzling beach at Luskentyre, and on the day we visited there was a brisk wind which kept us moving in an effort to stay warm.   Just a few inches above the surface of the beach, grains of […]

Scottish islands: Lewis

Callanish BW

No apology required for re-visiting this astonishing place, for my post on the Isle of Lewis! Callanish takes you back to the elements – it’s raw and cold, like bones of the earth, and it has a strong magic, too.   We went there on a windy day in September, with a strangely ethereal sky and quite challenging lighting. […]