Megalithic sites

I like to think that I never willingly go past a stone circle or burial chamber… sometimes it happens, but I usually go back!

Clava Cairns

Rays from the midwinter sunset filter into the deep heart of these passage graves, built 4,000 years ago in northern Scotland

Kilmartin Glen: Nether Largie South

Stepping down through the layers of time into the darkness of a Neolithic chambered cairn

Temple Wood stone circles, Kilmartin Glen

We might have forgotten what went on there, but we’re still drawn to stone circles like moths to a flame – and this one in Kilmartin Glen is certainly alluring

Prehistoric rock art at Achnabreck

Who carved these intriguing symbols, and why? If there’s wisdom in beauty, we can surely glimpse it here in this ancient woodland above Kilmartin Glen

The Ballymeanoch stones, Kilmartin

Clad in silvery garlands of lichen, these stones have been casting long shadows in Kilmartin Glen for thousands of years

The Tuilyies stones

A windswept shore, standing stones and a blasted oak… it sounds like one of Emily Bronte’s dreams!

The Devil’s Arrows: shafts of darkness

The people who put up these standing stones in North Yorkshire were obviously thinking big – but what on earth are those grooves all about?

Camas nan Geall: ‘the Bay of the Strangers’

A chambered cairn, a standing stone and an ancient graveyard… this beautiful bay on the coast of Ardnamurchan holds some fascinating secrets

The stones of Kilmory Oib

Ancient stones don’t get much more enigmatic than this site just north of Tayvallich. I don’t even know whether to call it a circle!

Castlerigg: out on the wild and windy moors

What on Earth went on here 5,000 years ago? The stones aren’t going to tell us, but they might well be attracting – or emitting – some kind of energy of their own!