'All that glisters is not gold' - so said Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice. Personally, I don't mind if it's pyrite! I hope you share my obsession with crystals, minerals, fossils and land formations...

Ossian’s Cave in Glen Coe

Was a legendary warrior born in this dark and inaccessible cave? Age-old stories woven into our landscape often hold the most magic…

Meteorite: from a time before the Earth

How old can a rock be? Quite old, is the answer. This one was formed before the Earth itself…

Fossils at Carsaig Bay

On Mull’s south-west coast, if you can drag your eyes away from the glorious scenery, you’ll find a wealth of Jurassic treasures beneath your feet

Ardnamurchan’s volcano

There can’t be many places in the UK where you can drive through the magma chamber of an extinct volcano…

Herkimer diamonds

Prized for their clarity, these double-pointed crystals have some fascinating bubbles trapped inside!

Echoes of smugglers on Cornwall’s north coast – a guest post by Rachel Bates

As ‘Poldark’ returns to our screens this month, guest writer Rachel Bates scrambles down the cliffs of north Cornwall to make an amazing discovery…

Glen Orchy – an old bridge, a magical stone and some desperate frogs

What amazing things turn up when you start looking through old photos! And how daring was I? A deep gorge and a box bridge – let’s have a go!


Ranging from pale yellow to deep orange-red, this semi-precious stone was a popular choice in Victorian jewellery

A surprise find on Seacliff beach

The beach below Tantallon Castle is full of fascinating rocks… and this has to be one of my best finds ever!

Celestine: crystals as blue as the sky

The softest shade of sky blue, these lovely crystals are said to promote harmony and wisdom