Caisteal nan Coin Duibh – ‘the Castle of the Black Dogs’

What a wonderful name! Like most of the places round here, this hill fort seems to be half-immersed in legend. And the views are amazing…


Renewing my love of hazels, and the spells that they weave…

Purdey’s PAWS Awards 2018

It’s that time of year again! Polish your whiskers and get ready to cast your votes in Purdey’s PAWS Awards!

The Hazel Tree – now on the west coast!

A new home for us, and for The Hazel Tree, on the coast of Argyll

Christmas greetings

Wishing peace and happiness to all my readers over the festive season

‘Song of the trees’

An evocative and heartwarming poem by Joy Mead

Sycamore: colonist or custodian?

Often seen as an intruder in old woodlands, the sycamore still deserves a second glance for its beauty – and older specimens could tell a tale or two about bloodshed and drama!

12 Trees in Autumn

Celebrating the variety of seasonal colour in our best-loved deciduous trees

Three favourite woodlands for autumn colour

Looking forward to the glorious colours of these woodlands in Argyll and Perthshire

Rosebay willowherb

‘Fireweed’ or ‘bombweed’ lights up roadside verges and waste ground with a blaze of late summer colour