First breath of winter

november-trees-mist-229The freezing fog that came down last night was still lingering this morning, so I went off into the woods to get some photos.  Such beauty there – delicate silvery tips to all the leaves, but the ones that are left are brittle and crisp, tumbling fast with a clatter into the eerie silence.  Oak and cherry have the muted glow of dying embers, while alders are touched with an ethereal beauty.   And everywhere the shroud of fog, giving a strange air to familiar things, chilling your bones and making you feel as if you’re breathing in the cold breath of the earth.


Photos © Jo Woolf, 21st November 2016

Support the Woodland Trust’s Tree Charter

Tree Charter logo copyIt’s one year to go until the launch of a new Charter for Trees, Woods and People.  More than 50 organisations, led by the Woodland Trust, are calling for people to speak out about how trees enhance their lives to make the true value of trees to society visible.  These ‘tree stories’ will define the new charter, and will become part of an archive that shows the value of trees to people in the UK.  Add your voice at the Tree Charter website.


  1. Even if this mean it’s very cold, the photos are beautiful.

    • Thank you, Cornell! Yes, there’s a strange beauty about this kind of weather. It cleared for a while this afternoon and now the cold is coming down again.

  2. Lovely photographs!

  3. As I passed through the frosty fog this morning I wished I were a photographer to be able to capture this ethereal beauty – but you’ve done it for me Jo. Many thanks! xx

  4. The fog leaves a lot of beauty when it comes. We’ve had a lot of fog lately, but not the freezing kind. I enjoyed seeing your photos.

    • I do love this kind of weather, as long as it doesn’t stay around too long! There’s something very eerie about it. But goodness, the cold is coming in!

  5. Mardie Wilson says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing Jo.

  6. We’ve just had our first frost, but nothing as lovely as this! Thanks, Jo. 🙂

    • Welcome, Pat! We’ve been having frosts for a while but they haven’t lingered all day like this one did. A cold wind got up overnight, but I hear they are having gales and floods down south so we are lucky this time.

  7. A few more weeks and the frost should be here. Brrrr. Your photographs make me cold!

  8. Lovely photos, its amazing how beautiful frosts and fogs can be, so much nicer than rain, which kinda ruins everything 🙂

    • Thanks, Lynne! I don’t think I’ve deliberately photographed fog before but it was a nice experience, and it really heightened your senses walking through the wood. So far this autumn we’ve been lucky – not too much rain, just lots of sunshine.

      • Well you captured so lovely images, I would love some frost, but we just have rain like we do every year at this time, hopefully it will dry up for Christmas 🙂

  9. A reminder of the beauties of winter to come. As yet we have had one shallow frost which vanished before most folk thought of waking and in our part of central England no mists or fog. Yet here we are, nearly in December, and in 25 days time its is the Winter Solstice and the days start to get longer and we start the climb back to summer again.

    • I remember the freezing fog we used to get in Shropshire when I was a kid – it would stay for weeks. That was a bit oppressive! You’re right, David – winter can be beautiful. I love the softer light – you just have to plan to be in the right place, as the days don’t last long, especially up here! 🙂

  10. I love the ambiance of the photos and weird though I may be, wish I were out walking, too (bundled up, of course!). Thank you for sharing Jo.

    • It was a lovely feeling, being out there – everything was more than usually quiet, apart from the occasional leaf fall. Certainly needed to wrap up, though! 🙂 Thank you, Betsy.

  11. I love this series, Jo! What is the tree just after the alder cone picture?

  12. Winter does have its own beauty and you’ve captured some excellent examples. I like what you wrote about the fog ‘giving a strange air to familiar things’, very well put.

    • Thank you, Lorna! Interesting weather, making you look at everything afresh. The frost has all gone now but I have a feeling it might return tonight. Brrrr, hope you are staying warm!

  13. Wonderful pictures, Jo. My favourite, though I don’t know why, is the last one – the gate.

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