Red deer painting – now finished

Colin has now finished the red deer painting that he began in January.  Here it is in all its misty mountain glory…

Deer Hillside-ws

You can see the painting in progress in this earlier post on The Hazel Tree.

Copyright © Colin Woolf

More of Colin’s work can be found at


  1. I guess that is one that Colin does stand back from and say “I am satisfied with that…. job well done!” Love the swirling cloud

  2. Cette peinture est très belle ! Bravo Colin !
    The atmosphere of the place is perfectly rendered and the deers are so lively ! It’s exactly like that we used to see a group of deers suddenly emerging into the moor from a (very often) misty background (but without the snow) during our several trips to Scotland. Merci beaucoup! By the way, I love your blog VERY much !
    (writing from France, near Bordeaux – co-author of the blog

    • Merci bien, Mairiuna! You are very kind. It is a superb painting, and I think he has just captured the presence of the deer perfectly. As you say, on a hillside they are surprisingly difficult to spot, as they seem to appear out of nowhere and then vanish back into the landscape. Thanks also for your kind comment about my blog – had a quick look at yours too, and I can see how much you love Scotland! Well done, and keep up the good work! Best wishes, Jo

  3. Many times when I finish a painting I am very glad because it looks nice and it’s almost as I imagined it but when it comes the day of delivery…then I am a bit sad and my room looks a bit empty. But I start another painting and the last one is almost forgotten.

    • It’s a similar feeling here too, Cornell! I’m sure Colin will agree with you. But your paintings are continuing to give pleasure to other people, which is nice! 🙂

  4. He must be very pleased…Glorious, and I’m sure very challenging technically, although my knowledge of the intricacies of the medium is basicically non-existent : / Thanks for sharing Jo…Hope you are well : )

    • Thank you Jo! 🙂 I don’t know how he does it, either. Yes, all fine, thank you, and better for a bit of sunshine today! Hope you are well too.

      • Thanks! All well, and like you, a sunny day today! We think we are so sophisicated, but alwys humbling to see how light and a little warmth from the sun literally brightens one’s day, just as it would any other creature. Have a great week : )

  5. Well worth waiting to see this painting finished
    Always intrigued to see what Colin is up to next

  6. This painting makes my heart happy

  7. John Nichols says:

    Love it Jo – thanks to Colin for willingly displaying his art.


    John N.

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