Scottish islands: Mull

Calgary Bay, Isle of Mull 66

Is this one of the best beaches in Scotland?  I think so, but then I’m biased!   As you come round a corner on Mull’s wild and rocky north-west coast, Calgary Bay opens up before your eyes in all its white and turquoise beauty.

Photo © Jo Woolf


  1. Stella Holmes says:

    Calgary bay is magnificent, the scale of it isn’t easy to appreciate till you walk across it. There is a regular bus service from Tobermorey and the journey over the island is beautiful. ‘Cagary Arts’ overlooks the bay and they have a wonderful information board overlooking the bay. There are ancient Oak trees , stunted by the force of the Atlantic winds and an interesting graveyard who’s headstones bear the occupation of the occupant. To be at Calgary in sunshine, rain or blustery winds is a joy.

    • Quite agree, Stella! The whole of Mull is just one big paradise as far as I’m concerned. So much beauty, and history, and wildlife. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Agree….but to be honest just one more in the great many spectacular beaches the Scottish isles (and mainland) have to offer. I guess we are spoilt for choice!

  3. Mull is gorgeous, but I’m glad you said “one of” – as nothing can surpass Sandwood Bay in my memory.

  4. Norma Dowling says:

    I agree Jo, but I live on Mull! It is a favourite place when our grown up son is with us at Christmas; we all regress to childhood and draw in the sand, collect seaweed and even set of our little rocket! In summer you could also visit Argyll & Bute’s Coronation Meadow at Treshnish Farm.

  5. Any ideas about how Calgary bay got its name?

  6. I spent an afternoon at Calgary Bay earlier this month. It was a cloudy day, so the sea wasn’t quite so blue, but it was still breathtaking. I also enjoyed visiting the little graveyard not far from the beach.

  7. I don’t know much of the west coast of Scotland Jo, but Calgary Bay certainly looks pretty amazing to me 🙂 It also reminds me of some of the beaches on the Scillies (Scilly Isles – off west Cornwall), except the highest point on the largest island, St Marys, is only 167ft above sea level!!

    • I’ve got friends who regularly go to the Scilly Isles, for birdwatching – I’ve never been myself, and it sounds wonderful. But yes, Mull is everything I love in an island! We’ve usually had Calgary beach pretty much to ourselves, even in summer.

  8. Have just enjoyed some particularly tasty Isle of Mull cheddar!

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