Scottish islands: Lewis

Callanish BWNo apology required for re-visiting this astonishing place, for my post on the Isle of Lewis!

Callanish takes you back to the elements – it’s raw and cold, like bones of the earth, and it has a strong magic, too.   We went there on a windy day in September, with a strangely ethereal sky and quite challenging lighting.   At first I thought most of the photos were useless but with a bit of imagination they have been resurrected.

Photo copyright © Jo Woolf

Callanish You can read more about my visit to Callanish here on The Hazel Tree.

More Scottish islands in this series:    KerreraIslay, Skye, Lismore


  1. fabulous place = land of fables. The photos capture the mystery of Lewis.

  2. I love Callanish and all the other stone circles nearby! It’s a bit like stone circle central. Callanish 1 surpasses all the rest though!

  3. I visited Lewis and saw these stones more than 50 years ago on my first trip to Scotland. The memory is as clear now as the experience then — it’s a place of mystery and magic. Thank you, Jo, for bringing the memories from the back to the front of my mind.

    • You are so welcome, Pat! I really enjoyed going back there myself, in memory at least, while looking through the photos. It’s the kind of place that stays with you forever.

  4. My jaw dropped at the first picture. Hard to doubt there’s magic there. But I do doubt there are many around who could make use of it anymore. Thanks, Jo!

    • Glad you liked this, Pat! Yes, it’s an awe-inspiring place. The more I learn about these sites, the deeper the mystery seems to get. There’s a huge yawning gap between our historical data and the wisdom of the people who built places like this.

  5. Great pictures, Jo. The textures of the Lewis stones are just so wonderful. I’m not a morning person, but there’s nowhere I’ve been happier to get up for a summer sunrise than Callanish. Such a wonderful (and baffling) site.

  6. christinelaennec says:

    I have had the chance to visit Callanish twice this year, and it never fails to disappoint. A magical place.

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