Black grouse – a new painting

Colin has been working on this painting of black grouse over the last couple of weeks – it was on his easel at the Scottish Game Fair, and it’s now finished.

There’s a lovely iridescence in the male’s plumage, and the two greyhens are beautiful in their intricate camouflage.  The grass was probably the biggest headache – weaving it around to make it look real!

Black Grouse unf-sBlackGrouseGreyhens-ws

Images copyright © Colin Woolf.  More of his work can be seen at

You can read more about black grouse here on The Hazel Tree.



  1. Wonderful painting!

  2. Excellent painting..

  3. Goodness, he’s so talented. The hens’ plumage looks impossible, let alone the grass. I’ve been meaning to say, I was so sorry to miss you at the Game Fair. I came with family in tow on the Friday and the one thing I insisted on doing was trying to find you; but somehow in the flurry of the day I failed to find Colin in the programme (found him once I was back home and could read at leisure, of course), and he turned out to be in the one row I didn’t go down! I was very cross with myself. Ah well, another time. 🙂

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