Scottish islands: Skye

Mealt Waterfall, Isle of Skye

The Mealt falls on the Isle of Skye:   from Loch Mealt on the north-east coast, an outflow (it’s too short to be called a river!) takes a dramatic plunge of about 180 feet into the sea below.  You can see the basalt columns of Kilt Rock in the distance.

Photo copyright © Jo Woolf


  1. You must have been perilously near the edge taking that photo Jo unless you’ve got one of these fancy extendable sticks!

    • It’s not as bad as it looks, David! 🙂 The cliffs go in slightly at that point. There’s a railing that I was leaning over, although the drop did make me feel a bit dizzy!

  2. Wow! Just wow!

  3. Amazingly beautiful! What a treat!

  4. christinelaennec says:

    Oh that makes me feel vertiginous just sitting here in my chair! Beautiful.

    • Yes, it’s a pretty sheer drop! We were lucky to see the waterfall after quite a bit of rain, so there was a good flow and the views were crystal clear.

  5. Love that view, make time to see it every time we visit Skye, always loads of bird to see 🙂

    • I remember when we were standing there Colin could pick out a couple of kittiwakes nesting about three-quarters of the way down, on a tiny grassy ledge, right up close to the falls. 🙂

      • You would think that the noise would scare them away, it must be lovely to know what the birds are, I just love watching them 🙂

  6. Wonderful shot.

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