Random rocks: Loch Linnhe

Pebbles near AppinRocks of all kinds have always fascinated me, and I’ve been collecting them for almost as long as I can remember.  I can’t bring them all home (which is possibly a good thing), but I love taking photos of them.   So the new theme for my photography posts is ‘random rocks’!

These photos were taken in September last year, on a beach north of Appin in Argyll.    You are looking south-west across Loch Linnhe towards the small island of Shuna.

If I stare at the above photo for too long I will be seeing some I wish I’d picked up!

Appin beach and Shuna

Photos copyright © Jo Woolf


  1. I used to do that, AND carry them home in my rucsack. We’ve moved too many times for much to have survived.

  2. I also am guilty of such things. Just at a glance there are at least four rocks in that photo I’d have picked up. I can’t imagine having a whole beach covered with them.

    • That’s why I spend SO much time on a beach, and this one was particularly good! And you can see how amazing the view was, as well. I want to go back there now! 🙂

  3. Beautiful … water, air wind create amazing shapes! Thanks

  4. Oh my, Jo. We must have talked about this before, but we are truly kindred spirits. I walk the gravel roads with my head turned down and always looking for a good one.

  5. I too like rocks. but I live in an RV and have no garden to place them in…so I have potted plants that contain my favorites! and I’ve a couple that I carry in my pocket…worry stones

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