Purdey’s top tip: wiping

Purdey cropI don’t know about you, but in my opinion there’s nothing like a spot of housework to get you energised and ready for the day ahead.

I’m not talking about hoovering, which is an outrage to the senses of any self-respecting cat.  No, I am talking about wiping, a thoroughly under-estimated pastime.

Where can you wipe?   There are hundreds of opportunities out there, just waiting for the enthusiastic wiper.  Here are a few of the surfaces that I wipe on my regular patrols around the house:

  • windows (inside and out)
  • computer monitors
  • mirrors
  • shower screens
  • bath tiles
  • sideboard doors
  • car windscreens (NB:  only when stationary)
Total wipe-out

Total wipe-out

Technique:   Sometimes just one paw is enough, but at other times, I find that standing on my back legs and going at it with both front paws is the only way to proceed.  Please use your own judgement, and remember not to strain.  Wiping can be an exhausting business.

A word of caution… As you may know, my under-butler dabbles a little in watercolour.   He often brings framed paintings downstairs and leans them up against the wall.   I find that the glass sometimes requires a little wipe in order to look its best.  However, unframed paintings – ones that are still in progress on the board – are better left alone.   Always check that glass is present before wiping.

What are you waiting for?  It’s a fantastic workout, so get those paws moving!


  1. Please could you box Purdy up and send her down please:) lots of dusting here to be done 🙂 will feed her only the best cat food, salmon 🙂

  2. Purdey cute!

  3. Purdey would be well employed here as the stronger sunlight catches all manner of interesting things that need a good wiping!
    She is a total delight! Give her a loving pat from me. I miss a cat in the house.

    • I’m sure she’d love it, Lyn! And she would be enthralled by the Tuis! Her whiskers would be chattering at them. Thank you, I will give her a cuddle. Awwww, I hope that one day maybe another little feline will find his/her way into your home! 🙂

      • I would spoil her rotten if she was here!! Jazz was a fearless hunter in his time but you could see him think twice about the sizeable Tuis…..a younger cat may think differently however. Those chattering whiskers would be going flat out at the moment:-)))

      • She chatters at doves and magpies. I’m sure she’d think the Tuis were fair game!

      • She is fearless. Magpies are very big and much larger than a Tui. Adult Tuis rarely come down on the ground so a climbing effort is required by any predator. I can see Purdey’s tail flicking as her whisker’s chatter!!!

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