Doorway into Castle Campbell

The second in my photographic mini-series on doorways…

Castle Campbell 100

Photo Β© Jo Woolf

Castle Campbell sits in Dollar Glen, Clackmannanshire. Β  I’ll be bringing you a full report soon, but meanwhile you can read about it on the Historic Scotland website!


  1. Looks very interesting, through the doorway πŸ™‚

    • It was, Lynne! Another great castle – but I really didn’t like the ‘feel’ of this one for some reason.

      • Oh….thats definitely going on the list then, look forward to the post. Was it anywhere in particular or just all over πŸ™‚

      • It was pretty much all over, although there is not much of it still roofed – there’s a tower, quite small in size, with about 3 storeys and you can get up to the ramparts; and there are a few cellars to poke about in. But I really didn’t like being indoors there at all! There was a pit prison that filled me with dread (I don’t like those at the best of times)!

      • Sometimes there can be a residue of the past that you can pick up on… an echo, as in the very stones of the building, more so than the people who lived there. No I don’t like pit prisons either, or any dungeons.

  2. Love looking through doors – and windows, as you know – my Mum loved peeping down alleys – something about a natural frame? Gorgeous!

  3. A lovely peek!

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