A little brainteaser…

Here’s a little curiosity to tickle your brain cells.    Does anyone know what this is, and what it was – or is -used for?    Additional bonus points if you can tell me where it is.   I’ll post the answer in a week or so’s time!


Footnote, 31st August 2014:    The answer has now been revealed – click here to find out more!



  1. Looks like something to measure the height of water in a river or canal perhaps? No idea where though – I suppose I don’t win a prize for guessing Scotland…!

  2. Polite Scouser says:

    Water height marker canal loch. Caledonian Canal west coast entrance.
    Photo taken about mid day?😜😁

    • Haha, love the precision! 🙂 Your instincts are very nearly right, it’s just the location that’s out! The answer has now been revealed in a new post!

  3. Water marker at a staircase lock somewhere in Scotland!! Or tide marker in Dunbar harbour!! said she hedging her bets…

  4. Yes, I agree with above, the stone blocks look like those used in canal lock chambers & the rusted measure has surely seen some history! But I’m no expert. Would 16 (presumably feet) be right for a lock chamber?

  5. moira taylor says:

    An old fashioned water level gauge fixed to a bridge or river embankment – no idea where.

  6. It’s either a water level gauge on a canal in Scotland or a very old, rather fancy height marker for a growing family of giants. Hank’s putting his money on the giants.

  7. I’m in there with the rest of them.

  8. I was close – with Dunbar! Next time I’m in North Berwick I’ll have a look. 🙂

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