New pencil study: barn owl

Following on from the brown hare, Colin has just finished a lovely pencil drawing of a barn owl, which is so soft and lifelike.

Like the hare (which is now sold) the barn owl is being offered for sale.    You can see more of Colin’s work at

Barn Owl pencil drawing by Colin Woolf




  1. My favourite bird dressed in all preciousness. Splendid details, congratulations!.

  2. Lovely, he looks all soft and cuddly, of course his not, although you might get a stroke on the neck in 🙂

    • I know, Lynne, their plumage is whisper-soft and their bodies are just so light. I guess you see quite a few around Norfolk?

      • Oh yes, they fly along the large ditches, I have taken a few photos, they are like little white ghosts, A few times we have had them swoop through the garden in the evenings 🙂

  3. What a talented artist! Just beautiful!

  4. I can’t quite find the words; immense talent and amazing detail-simply beautiful.

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