A wise hare

For the last couple of days Colin has been working on this pencil drawing of a brown hare, and today he finished it.   Beautiful – it looks alive!

Brown hare (1)Brown hare (2)You can see more of Colin’s work at www.wildart.co.uk

The hare will be offered for sale, so contact Colin soon if you’d like to know more.


  1. That’s stunning!

  2. Great drawing

  3. Susan Abernethy says:

    I agree with justbod!

  4. Extraordinary work on a precious creature. Congratulations!.

  5. You have such a clever husband. We see them here in the Fens all the time, but they are always in a hurry, so you never really get to see them like the thousands of rabbits that we have. I have taken photos, but they always turn out like blobs on the landscape, so its lovely to see Colin’s drawing 🙂 Very beautiful 🙂

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