A pencil drawing of a wren

Out of all the subjects that Colin paints, it’s usually the majestic birds like eagles that get the most attention… but he also loves garden birds, and he has just finished this lovely drawing of a wren.

We see wrens quite often in our garden, which has really pleased me as they do suffer in long periods of harsh weather.  I hope that the mild winter we’ve just had will ensure a good supply of insects.

Despite their size, wrens are feisty little creatures with a loud voice and a real attitude.   I love them!

Here is the drawing in progress and finished.   It has now been sold – but more drawings are offered for sale regularly on Colin’s website.

Wren lichen unf-ws

Wren and blackberries-ws


For more information, visit www.wildart.co.uk.

Images copyright © Colin Woolf


  1. That is truly beautiful

  2. That’s lovely, and nice to see something so different from Colin’s collection. I’m always delighted when I see a little wren flitting about. They’re my mum’s favourite birds, so I’ll have to show her this.

    • Thank you, Lorna! I thought it made a lovely change, too. I’m always glad to see wrens, although it must be the hardest thing to get a photo of them – they never stay still.

  3. This is beautiful! That lichen is incredible, and those blackberries are making me look forward to autumn 😉

    • Thank you very much, Rachel! Yes, it’s all the details such as lichen that Colin really loves doing – and making it look realistic in itself, rather than part of the background.

  4. So lovely…i love the rust on the wire, and the wren is just perfect, we had a nest in the garden once and the babies were so tiny 🙂

  5. Beautiful drawing. I had never seen a wren in the flesh until a couple of weeks ago, when, walking along a path, I was treated to a path-side serenade.

  6. Lovely details surround this beautiful friend. Delighted to see this one emerge from Colin’s hands!. I have the Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus) in my garden year long. Love them!.

    • Thank you very much, Carmen! I think I have seen pics of the Carolina wren. It’s always such a pleasure to watch birds in the garden.

  7. Such a beautiful drawing! Recently on a walk along a towpath nearby, I heard a wren & a robin singing so lustily that i wrote a short poem about them, even though I couldn’t see them. All I could see was the snow of blackthorn!

    • How lovely! The blackthorn here has been prolific, too. There’s nothing like the song of a robin (or a wren) to life your spirits and inspire you. Thank you – glad you liked the drawing! 🙂

  8. I like very much this little bird. And the drawing is very expressive.

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