Over the sea to…

I’ve been racking my brains to come up with a new quiz for you, and this one involves some travel by sea!   My questions are all focused on the beautiful islands that lie off Scotland’s west coast.

I realise that not all of my readers have a detailed knowledge of the geography or history of Scotland, but you can find at least some of the answers here on The Hazel Tree.   And even if you get none right, perhaps you might be inspired to visit some of our islands – I really hope so.   I’m always happy when you take part, regardless of how you do!

So, here we are…   Good luck, and don’t forget the sun cream (or the waterproofs!)

Photos copyright © Colin & Jo Woolf


  1. Wonderful photographs, I’m yearning to hop aboard a Cal Mac ferry now. You’ve made my day – this is the first time I’ve ever got 100% in one of your quizzes. Yippee!

  2. Linda Pescosolido says:

    I enjoyed the quiz & pictures, and at 70% did much better than I expected after my one trip to Scotland 12 years ago. I’d love to return.

  3. Can’t believe I got them all right! I’ve obviously been paying attention in class, Miss! I was a bit worried about the 9 whisky island though as I don’t drink it!

  4. Susan Abernethy says:

    I knew the last two for sure and through blind luck and guessing I got 50%. I was pleased to get that!

  5. Whoop! Whoop! Hank got 100%! Such a grand fellow. (He’s got a good nose for geography, despite what you’ll hear about Yankees.) That photo of Tobermory–Hank’s favorite wee town–has got his tail thumping. Thanks for sharing, Jo!

    • Very well done, Hank, old fellow! Give yourself a pat on the back! 🙂 You certainly have a Sherlock-style nose for history and geography. Tobermory is such a picturesque place, and just looking at our photos of it made me want to go back there. A pleasure to share, so glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Wonderful quiz and pictures. I got those right answers thanks to a famous cat and the history lessons of Miss Jo! 🙂 The rest, I hope one day to visit in person!.

    • Well done, another star pupil! 🙂 I am really glad you enjoyed the questions and the photos. I hope that you get the chance to come and see these lovely islands in person some day!

  7. Well that’s the next island flying tour sorted! Loved the post Jo.

  8. As a native I would have been ashamed of myself if I had got any wrong, but I loved doing the quiz and reminding myself of all the wonderful islands I NEED to return to! Thanks.

    • You’re very welcome, and well done! There are so many more islands (as you know) that I haven’t even mentioned, and I’d love to visit or re-visit them all!

  9. This was fun although I didn’t do so well naming the correct Isles. I had better brush up on my geography. I did enjoy the sights though!

  10. Thank you – it was certainly an interesting quiz. Of course like a few of you other quiz takers, I knew pretty close to nothing and only by sheer luck managed to get 3 correct! If you have the mood you can give it another whirl in the future! Why I might even give it a shot! Tahnks again, Mari

  11. great images and a very engaging post – I surprised myself but definitely needed your clues

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