Running a small business

Purdey cropYou may already be aware of my position as Chief Executive of a small business that supplies paper stuff.

When I say paper stuff, there’s quite a lot of it, and boxes of it keep arriving and departing on a regular basis.    It is therefore one of my tasks to keep on top of supplies.

It’s quite an exciting role.  Here I am in the warehouse:

Purdey cupboardAt this time of year, my job involves long hours in front of the computer to ensure that records are kept up to date and orders are processed properly.

What I find, from several years of experience, is that if the work pile gets too high the best solution is to clear a space and go to sleep.

Purdey on desk 2It will still be there when you wake up, but crucially, no more papers will have been placed on top.   You will be refreshed and ready to start again with renewed energy.

And here’s my second tip:

Make sure your staff are motivated and fully aware of their responsibilities.  You can then relax and watch the work flow.

Make sure your staff are motivated and fully aware of their responsibilities. You can then relax and watch the work flow.

Good luck, and don’t accept ‘no’ for an answer. Remember my motto:  there may be cat food in the cupboard, but there’s always cream in the fridge!

Tip 3I realise that there are many little cats out there who are just embarking on their careers, and I’m delighted to be able to pass on my wisdom in this way. 

If you’d like to pick up more tips, check out my feature on Effective Office Management.    



  1. I like your business style, Purdey, and it seems to work a treat.

  2. This is terrific!!! I like Purdy’s work ethic…think I’ll rest now.

  3. Ah, sweet hard-working pretty Purdey … very wise and energy-efficient tips!. Printers always need an attentive kitty paw and papers would not be papers without a kitty’s seal of approval. We would like to add that daily planners and agendas need some kitty-sitting, too, for the best time management possible 🙂


    Maui, Narkis and Fanti
    (the three handsome gentlemen who run a home office full-time)

    • Purdey is delighted to further her acquaintance with your three handsome business associates. Printers are the bane of her life, always promising so much and delivering very little. She says she looks forward to meeting Maui, Narkis and Fanti on her next trip over to Wall Street. 🙂

  4. Purdey, the paper tiger! She is a delight. Jazz has retired from the business world and only acts as a Director (mostly of IT ) on an infrequent basis now. He is off to see the vet again tomorrow as he has been limping for a fortnight now with little improvement. The initial consult showed little other than soft tissue strain of his front left leg. He can longer do his travelling duties and is very home based and may be only allowed outdoors on a leash once his leg/shoulder heals up. He will be 15 in January.

    • Poor little Jazz! That sounds painful and I hope he recovers soon. It sounds as if he needs a nominal role such as Box Checker in Chief or Honorary Chairman. He’s reached a respectable age to retire and enjoy a life of cosseting, I would say!

      • I hope we can get him more comfy very soon. It is hard to see age catching up with him. He tells me he is very keen on the title of Honorary Chairman. He did check out a box under a bed yesterday which had me on a search all about the house. Rest assured he is cosseted! Is your keyboard full of cat fur BTW?

      • No, not really, it’s doesn’t seem to catch hairs which is just as well. Purdey occasionally tries her hand (paw?) at random typing just by walking over the keyboard.

      • That is fortunate. My laptop has dander on it most of the time despite me brushing the keys:-)

        Lol we know about cat paw “typing”!

  5. This is so funny!!
    I love the photo where she is sleeping on the chair( 2nd tip ). I don’t know why, but many times cats love to sleep in so uncomfortable positions. 😀

    I wonder if Purdey ever had kittens.

    • I know – somehow they get into contortions but make them look comfortable at the same time!
      Oh dear, don’t mention kittens – we had Purdey spayed so she is unable to have them, but it was our only option as she is an outdoor cat. I sometimes feel bad that I have deprived her of being a mother! Her kittens would be pretty and they would certainly have attitude! 🙂
      Glad you liked this – thank you!

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