Siskins – safely landed!

Three siskins have landed on the larch branch that I posted about recently.    Here they are!

Siskins unf1_ws

Siskins on Larch_ws

Siskin bit

Enlargement of detail (about 6 times actual size) – Colin can’t see this while he’s drawing!


  1. Oh you can almost hear them chattering to each other, they’re lovely 🙂

  2. Beautiful drawing, absolutely lovely

  3. oh, what would I give for the ability to draw like that!!

  4. Carmen Mandel says:

    Splendid!. Rich in detail and much alive. Love the little tongues and the beauty all around. Congratulations!.

  5. They look so fluffy. That detail is absolutely wonderful!

  6. That’s an amazing talent – beautiful.

  7. So light & airy! Beautiful!

  8. The little Siskins all made a fine landing. I have to agree with Sharon…all of Colin’s paintings and drawings have so much “life” to them.

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