What’s this?

This time my quiz is short and sweet – tell me what this is!

Extra clues:   it measures about 5 inches across by 1½ inches high.

Please use the comments below to make your suggestions.  Good luck!








  1. no idea

  2. Earthstar?

  3. A partial fossilized starfish?

  4. Something Purdey left for you???

    • Haha, no. I’m glad it isn’t, especially on our sitting room carpet…

      • I noted the carpet…..the VERY best place for Purdey to leave you a present!

      • That’s a matter of opinion! Purdey would probably agree!

      • Jazz loves the good carpet to leave things on for us. I’m still clueless as to the object. It would appear that you are happy for it to sit on the carpet so I doubt that it is something from the back of the fridge either:-)

      • Back of the fridge??!! No, I never look there! 🙂 Purdey very occasionally brings us presents but the last one was a live mouse that she let go in the sitting room. That was fun!

      • I sometimes find “science experiments” shoved to the back of the fridge here:-) I relate to wildlife in the house – Jazz in his youth was a great hunter. A small rat let loose in the house was the worst rumpus! Such fun!!!

  5. That, my dear Purdey, is a fine specimen of bog patty. A perfectly preserved prehistoric cow pie, to be exact. You might for a moment think that it is a petrified chocolate cookie, but you’d be disappointed.

    Ha! Well, that’s Hank’s guess but I’m going to venture a bit of concrete or clay that was left in a bag (or a bog!) and forgotten, if it’s not a glop of lava or bog bread. Honestly, it looks like my cooking.

    • All very interesting theories, and you are getting there with one of them but I won’t say which (clue: it’s not the cookie! although I have had worse baking moments than this.) Another clue: when it is split open, there is sometimes a surprise inside. 🙂

  6. Have no idea…
    I just believe this might be something you found on a shore…

  7. Stumped with this one…although all of Hank’s ideas sound plausible!

  8. A clay nodule, which may contain a fossil!

    • Well done, Nicky, you’re right! 🙂 I would never have known in a million years! I’m guessing you have seen them before, or perhaps have one of your own?

  9. It looks very familiar and made me think of being a student in the geology building at Edinburgh University but I couldn’t get any further in my thoughts than that. I see that I’m in the right area at least, from your comment to Nicky.

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