Barn owl – finished!

The barn owl study that Colin was working on at the CLA Game Fair is now finished.   It has a real glow about it, and I love the dusky background!

Barn Owl Head 13_ws


Images copyright © Colin Woolf


  1. It’s absolutely magnificent.

  2. So beautiful and so serene, perfect 🙂

  3. This is stunning!

  4. What a beautiful, gorgeous work of art. I love owls, but I have only seen a live barn owl once. And, of course, I missed the shot. I just visited your Hazel Tree blog. I need to do that more often, Jo. 🙂

    • Thank you, Bob! I love Colin’s barn owls especially. You can tell how much he loves them! Barn owls are pretty scarce here now, sadly – not helped by the fact that so many derelict buildings in the countryside (where they nest) are being renovated. My best sighting was in 2009 – we’d just moved to Scotland and were slowly driving down this remote glen at twilight. As we went past a ruined building, I caught sight of TWO barn owls sitting in the dark window, just staring at me. Heart-stopping! They were even too close for Colin’s 500! Thanks for visiting The Hazel Tree by the way – glad you liked it!

  5. One word immediately came to mind: Cyclops.

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