Purdey’s nature reserve

Purdey 3Keen followers of this part of The Hazel Tree will probably be wondering what on earth has happened to me over the last few weeks.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of napping – there are so many places to take a nap, all of them very comfortable.

But also – because you know how keen I am on wildlife – I have been rather busy in a new and exciting conservation role.

Purdey Orchid 1This little pink stick of a plant (which is just asking to be bitten) is apparently a wild flower called a common spotted orchid.   It’s growing in the lawn, and has been marked with a short cane just in case the mower goes anywhere near it.  I’ve chewed the stick, but any attempts to chew the plant have met with an alarmed response, which was quite exciting in itself.

I’m therefore guarding this rare and precious specimen, just in case any marauders come anywhere near it.  I’ve set up a nature reserve, and I’m thinking of charging a fee for anyone who wishes to come and inspect it.  What do you think… one vole, or perhaps two, and three for a family?  You can’t put too high a price on the natural world.   It’s my third birthday round about now, so if I collect enough voles we’ll have a barbecue and I’ll rustle up some of my world famous vole-au-vents.

Purdey cropAdmission will be between 8 pm and 10 pm, during which time I will be hosting a champagne reception and soiree.  You’ll have to imagine the champagne.  Afterwards, I’ll be re-locating to the front of the house, to see if I can catch some moths in the twilight (such good sport, and so juicy).

See you there!

Stay tuned for news about my fluffy friend Ponyo and her new and interesting room-mate!


  1. We’ll be there! Can we bring anything? Tuna tidbits maybe? Chicken roll-ups?

  2. Oh, lovely cat!
    I miss my Tommy…
    It’s have been missing since last month…

    A new cat come(I have no idea where from…) to stay with us but she don’t let me to touch her….

    • Oh no, Cornel! That’s sad to hear. Does Tommy go on a walk about quite often? I hope he makes his way back to you. I’m sure you will be making friends with your new cat very soon!

      • Tommy used to love my neighbour’s pigeons… (He ate more than 4). This is his firs enemy.
        Tommy used to love my neighbours attics but my neighbours’ dogs hated him for this.
        There may be so many causes of his disappearing.
        A.. one more thing. We have a road passing right in front of our house. More than a few hundreds of cars pass every hour….
        About the new cat. She doesn’t like me. I tried to fool her and touch it but she doesn’t like this… Keep trying.

      • He certainly ate enough pigeons! 🙂 That is the awful thing about cats disappearing – you may never know what happened. You can never really own a cat, they are free spirits and they come and go when they wish. But he may still come back – don’t give up just yet.
        As for the new cat, I know you will persuade her in the end. When we first moved to Scotland I ‘adopted’ a stray cat – she was just skin and bone and although she ate what I gave her, she would never let me touch her. She eventually came into the house and would purr loudly and go to sleep, but even when she woke, she would run away if you moved near her (I soon found out she was totally deaf). I eventually had to call the vet because she became ill – they said she had an incurable condition and was very old – but at least she had a few months of happiness. That is all you can hope to give a cat – a happy loving home while they are with you.

      • The new cat is here, near our house but somewhere up. Our dogs are just eyes and ears on her.
        She eats, but as much as my Tommy.

  3. Very funny!

  4. Happy 3rd birthday, Purdey, and many happy returns! I think you’re doing an excellent job with that lovely orchid.

    • She’s definitely got her eye on it, but possibly with a view to another crafty bite! Right now she’s outside scrutinising the compost heap, where she has detected signs of life. Thank you – I will pass on your happy wishes!

  5. I wonder if Purdey is calculating a leap and high kick to the lovely orchid? She has a calculating look about her in that photo!
    Happy birthday #3 Purdey. Jazz sends purrs.

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