Sand martins

As a complete and refreshing change from mountain scenery, Colin is now painting an almost abstract picture of water, with some sand martins gliding across the surface.    This was inspired by watching them skimming over the River Wharfe a few weeks ago.

This is going to be a long (horizontal) painting – and there are several more birds yet to do.   Not to mention quite a large expanse of water!

These photos are a progression – the first two were taken a couple of days ago, and the second two were taken yesterday.

Images © Colin Woolf

Sand Martins (1)

Sand Martins (2)Sand Martins2aSand Martins3a


  1. cracking shots – so low over the water – incredibly I spent yesterday chasing swallows ha ha – small world

  2. That’s a very challenging looking subject, but of course Colin rises to the challenge admirably and is producing a wonderful result. Although I love his mountain scenes and game birds, it’s nice to see something quite different from his usual subjects. Sand martins are lovely little birds, and quite under represented in art, I think.

    • Thank you very much, Lorna! He is enjoying the change as well. I think the water is messing with his eyes though – I have no idea how he does it!

  3. Wow this is amazing and I can imagine how the water plays tricks on his eyes…it is with mine !

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