Lagavulin from Dunyvaig

Lagavulin © CWoolfTo celebrate World Whisky Day (18th May), here is a photo of the Lagavulin Distillery on the Isle of Islay.   Lagavulin is in the south-east of the island, on a meandering minor road that takes you past some wonderful secluded coves and quiet woodland.

This photo was taken from the ruins of Dunyvaig Castle, which dates back to the 11th century – you can read more here.

Photo copyright © Colin Woolf


  1. Happy World Whisky Day! I didn’t know about this great event but in my opinion you’ve chosen a tip top photo to celebrate it with. Lagavulin is a lovely dram. Slainte!

    • Thank you, Lorna! I guess I’m celebrating the day because of the distilleries and their locations, which is bending the rules a bit! (Not too fussed about the amber liquid, sorry to say!) 🙂 But Slainte, with a cup of tea – if that’s allowed!

  2. Damn. I missed out. Happily, though, I can report that I have had some of the whisky that is produced at Lagavulin. Unhappily though I didn’t care for it. LOL

  3. that’s on my bucket list especially with weather like that great perspective love seeing well know locations in their natural settings

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