The eagle has flown

Well, here it is!  Colin has finished the golden eagle painting, which you’ve been watching on his easel for the last few weeks.    The photo doesn’t quite convey just how 3D the eagle is – it really looks as if it’s soaring in front of the distant mountains.

Copyright © Colin Woolf

Copyright © Colin Woolf

You can also view the painting on Colin’s website, under Latest Paintings.


  1. WOW! It does look 3D even on the computer screen. That is truly amazing, Jo, his talent is quite incredible.

  2. It’s beautiful. Such talent. I can totally see this as a puzzle. 😉

  3. This is spectacular!!!

  4. Dreaming one day that… I will… …
    Just kidding. 😀 Or maybe not.

    I love this one!
    Now, when I try myself watercolours, I understand the real value of a painting like this one.

  5. Oh!…This is breathtaking!! Just amazing!!

  6. I love the way the markings and colourings of the mountain are repeated/mirrored in the golden eagle or vice versa. Another truly impressive piece of art. Do these magnificent birds live near you?

    • Thank you, Lyn! We have to go right up into the mountains for a chance to see golden eagles – or across to Mull, where we’ve had some great sightings. So, I guess, about an hour’s drive at least. Would be nice if one floated over the garden though! 🙂

  7. It’s stunning, beautiful work! Wow!

  8. chrysaliswithaview says:

    Amazing painting!

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