A pair of chaffinches

Colin has just completed this lovely study of a pair of chaffinches, inspired by the recent ringing session in our back garden and by the many different finches that we’ve seen on our feeders in this snowy weather.

The painting has now been sold, but more originals can be viewed under ‘Originals for Sale’ on Colin’s website.

Chaffinch (1)Chaffinch (2)Chaffinch (3)


  1. Beautiful, indeed! I always enjoy watching chaffinches; they have such lovely colouring, even the females with their subtler hues.

    • Thank you, Lorna. Colin wanted to get a very soft, subtle effect with their plumage and the background – it’s worked really well. It made a nice change from bigger birds.

  2. Wow. Another great painting.

    But I want to ask you if there are differences between Chaffinces and Common Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)?
    I saw last weeks for many times in our garden around 10 Fringilla coelebs.

  3. Oh, that’s lovely!

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