‘Storm over Loch Indaal’ – now finished

This morning Colin put the finishing touches to his lovely painting of wildfowl on the shores of Islay.   The teal are just gorgeous, lit by the morning sun.

Enlarged section (front right)

Enlarged section (front right)

Islay painting (2)

Remember that you can always watch new paintings in progress on his website, under ‘Latest Paintings‘.


  1. Stunning!!! I’d like to say I look forward to seeing it, but get the feeling it won’t last that long!!!

  2. The teal are delightful, but when I enlarged the view what amazed me was the detail of houses on the far shore – astonishing!

  3. So beautiful! I followed Colin’s fb page. Do you have one for the Hazel Tree? Don’t give up on it yet. Thanks for sharing this beautiful art with us.

    • Thank you very much, Susan, and for following Colin on Facebook. We do appreciate all our followers! However, I’ve always said I’d never join Facebook so I like to have a good moan now and then! I don’t have a Facebook account for The Hazel Tree yet – resisting until the end!

  4. Wow, that’s just amazing artwork!

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