A stone circle – with a difference

(Since publishing this feature I’ve added a poll for ease of use!)

I have a simple question for you this time:   using the multiple choices below, tell me what you think this structure was used for.   (Clue:  if you’ve been reading The Hazel Tree for some time, you might remember where you saw it!)   Extra marks if you can tell me its location – to do this, please use the Comments.

Meanwhile, I’ll be hatching a slightly more taxing quiz which I’ll publish very shortly!MysteryObject


Thank you to everyone who had a go at my Domesday quiz.   It’s still open, if you haven’t yet tried your hand at it.   I hope that the answers revealed themselves to you;   if they didn’t, please let me know!


  1. I really need to read you more! I love your quizzes but have no idea what the answers would be!

  2. Hank figured it was a bath with the high potential of cupcakes.

  3. I agonised over that and then chose the wrong thing! I’m curious to know more about it now, I don’t remember seeing it before so I can’t have read the relevant post.

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