Choosing a handbag

With spring just around the corner, I have been thinking of giving my wardrobe a fresh new look… and where better to start than with a handbag?

For effortless style, your handbag should co-ordinate with your coat;   and where coats are concerned, fur never goes out of fashion.   Choose a bag in a colour that complements, but never dominates, the subtle shading in your fur.  You won’t go wrong.

But is the bag large enough?    Here’s how to check, in three easy steps:

Step 1:   If, like me, you carry a panoply of tools and accessories – nail files, face wipes, shrew peeler – you’ll know how vital it is to be able to find them in a hurry.    Check that the bag has enough handy pockets.  Do this by placing both paws in, and digging.

Step 2:     With your front paws inside, check out all the other compartments for size.   How many rodents do you acquire on a daily basis?   Three, four… sometimes five?   Will the bag accommodate them comfortably?   If the answer is no, then think again.

Step 3:    If the handbag satisfies the above criteria, then the last step is to get inside and see how it feels.   While I’m out foraging, I sometimes refresh myself by taking a short nap;  a handbag that converts into a sleeping bag is therefore a catwalk must-have.  This one, however, falls sadly short of expectations.  My bum is squashed and I am sitting on some keys.  Remember that elegance cannot be achieved by forcing your rear end into a confined space:  discard the worthless bag, and consider a better brand.   Miu Miu is looking good this season.

Purdey cropHave you cast your vote in the prestigious PAWS Awards for 2013?    The results will be announced shortly!    


  1. So cute! 🙂

  2. Aside from the fact that your bum may be too big for it Purdey, I think that bag suits you very well.

  3. How cute!
    Tommy prefers to test my sweaters.

  4. Jazz’s late brother PG was a handbag aficionado. He adored leather handbags and was always on security duty checking out my handbag for any potential weapons or unauthoriised items. I often thought he could work on border control like dogs do!

    The funniest bag hi-jinx ensued when PG sniffed out a morsel of leftover food in said hand bag. He would turn himself inside out to get at it. We miss his special antics.

    Jazz has a penchant for leather shoes and falls all over them, tumbling and rolling while he purrs at full throttle.

    • PG sounds like a treasure! I am sure you must miss him. Purdey isn’t that keen on leather, but she loves digging in Leonie’s walking shoes whenever she comes to stay.

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