Storm over Islay

Next on Colin’s easel is something close to his heart – a view of Loch Indaal on the Isle of Islay.   There’s a storm approaching in the distance, and groups of teal are feeding in the foreground.   Some of them are moving off already, while other wildfowl – ducks, waders and barnacle geese – are feeding on the mudflats in the distance.

Here you can see the sky in progress, and below is a working sketch.

For more details, keep checking the Latest Paintings section of Colin’s website.  

Images copyright © Colin Woolf

Storm over Islay (1)Teal - working sketch


  1. He doesn’t rest does he! I do hope I get to visit Islay one of these days.

    • No, he certainly doesn’t! He’s got more than one painting on the go at present. Islay is wonderful – we were sorely tempted to try to move there at one time, not sure how it would have affected our business though. One or other of the Scottish islands still calls to us from time to time.

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished painting.
    Tried myself to paint a sky today… I failed…

  3. Amazing, I still don’t quite understand how he gets the sky to look like this, I think its magic!

    • You would love to see it now, he has started the land with Bowmore in the far distance on the left, and the sunlight catching the headland at Port Charlotte on the right. It’s beautiful – I want it! 🙂

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