‘The Lion in Winter’

While you’re all debating which movie should receive the prestigious PAWS award for Best Actor, here are a couple of trailers from Purdey’s latest film.   She does all her own stunts!


  1. Oscar-quality for sure!

  2. Awwww! She is soooooo cute! Very funny too!

  3. And the Oscar goes to……Purdy! Very cute!

  4. Jazz says he admires her agility and speed and youthfulness. He sends warm purrs from his favourite banana box!

    • Thank you, Jazz! I wonder if you have ever considered any roles? ‘Chicago’ sounds like it was made for you?

      • Well funny you should suggest “Chicago” with its slicked down hair styles. Jazz came home on Saturday night with engine oil all under his chin, on his chest and down one front leg! I got as much off as I could but he had a special bath at the vets yesterday to get the rest of it off. They had to style up some areas with the clippers!!! Really at 14 years of age he should know that being a mechanic is probably NOT a career option.
        BTW Microshield hand wash (used in hospitals here) is the thing to get oil and grease off cats. I am off to buy some :-))

      • Oh no, Jazz! I wonder what on earth he was doing, and where he went. Engine oil is difficult to get off skin, let alone fur. I bet he didn’t like the clippers – hope it teaches him to think twice! A good sleep in his banana box sounds like a good idea for a while!

  5. I like the giggles in the background and I think using her as a windscreen wiper is an excellent idea.

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