Icy shadows

_DS30076 Machno Falls 1One of my favourite photos from North Wales – this was taken on the River Machno, close to the old woollen mill, during a spell of very cold weather in January 2009.   I love the subtle colours and the lighting;  it has both coldness and warmth, and the ferns growing on the trees make it look like an enchanted place.

 Nikon D200, f.14, 1/5 sec,  24/70 mm zoom;   3rd January 2009;   © Jo Woolf


  1. Beautifully summed up: “it has both coldness and warmth”. It does indeed look enchanting.

    • Thank you very much, Lorna! We took some stunning photos that day but our fingers were freezing to the cameras. We used to live just down the road from there; in the spring, the fields by the river were full of orchids.

  2. I remember standing here lots of times, lovely little spot! And lovely photo 🙂

  3. Very pretty!

  4. Fantastic photo Jo and a lovely spot. Don’t tell Sir Peter Jackson or he might film the rest of The Hobbit in Wales!

    • 🙂 That would be an idea! I don’t think Wales is ready for something on that scale though! Thanks for your comment – the Machno valley is beautiful.

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