Autumn colours


We have been stuck in the office for the last few days, but that hasn’t stopped Colin from noticing the brilliant autumn colours outside.  These leaves are on a Fothergilla bush in our back garden, and they seem to have an inner glow even in this foggy weather.

Details:  Nikon D300, tripod with micro lens (105 mm, f4 manual)

All photographs copyright © Colin Woolf



  1. Polite Scouser says:

    Nature is marvellous in its dying throws of Autum. It gives us that one last glow of its self before the winter close down.

  2. it is definitely the dynamic colours month – some rich contrasts there Jo

    • It was good to see some touches of colour, even if the sun wasn’t lighting them. There are already some leafless trees around here but those that are left are beautiful.

  3. I’m glad you’re getting the odd glimpse of nature despite being stuck indoors. The colours this year seem to be particuarly spectacular.

    • We are noticing the colours around here, but many trees have already shed their leaves. I am so hoping for a nice spell of weather so we can enjoy a proper autumn!


  5. Brilliant work in capturing nature at its best 🙂

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