Roding woodcock – ‘Midsummer Night’

The latest painting to emerge from Colin’s easel is this beautiful landscape of woods and farmland on a midsummer evening, as a woodcock performs its ‘roding’ or territorial display by the light of the rising moon.

I really love this – it is unbelievably atmospheric and restful, and you can almost smell the mist.  The painting is called ‘Midsummer Night’;   it will be published in our forthcoming book, ‘Woodcock and Pin-feather Painting‘.

You can view ‘Midsummer Night’ on Colin’s website, under ‘Originals for Sale.

‘Midsummer Night’ Copyright © Colin Woolf


  1. Another lovely painting.

    My eyes are attracted by trees, bird and clouds.

    As you said, it’s ‘unbelievably atmospheric and restful’.

  2. That would be a beautiful illustration for a magical children’s book about a woodcock. I don’t suppose you feel inclined to write one?

    • That’s an idea! I always look at children’s books with a little bit of suspicion mainly because it is such a competitive market. But yes, if I feel so inclined, I know a great illustrator!! 😀


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