Colin’s pin-feather challenge – the sequel

Colin has now finished (and framed and delivered!) the second picture in his mammoth pin-feather challenge.

The painting features grey partridge, pheasant, teal, snipe and woodcock, and it is just as amazing as the first one, but with a slightly different atmosphere.  This brings to a very successful conclusion his ambition of painting nine British game birds, each with its own pin-feather.

We’re now working towards producing a beautiful hardback book which will celebrate Colin’s achievements with pin-feathers over the last 20 or so years;   if you’d like to reserve a collector’s copy or a special edition we’d suggest you do so now, because our list of interested parties seems to be growing daily!

Copyright © Colin Woolf



  2. snowbirdpress says:

    This is an amazing accomplishment. As an artist I understand how much you depend upon good tools – brushes etc. To paint such detailed birds with their own pin feathers seems simply impossible to me. Just awe inspiring.


  4. Such incredible speed, dedication and skill – another masterpiece from the great Mr Woolf! Whoever got that painting is a very lucky customer.

    • Thank you, Lorna! It was really beautiful. I thought Colin might be a bit at a loss now he’s finished these mammoth works, but no… another woodcock is on the easel (just a single one this time, though!)

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