Space oddity

Most (well, I think all!) of my quizzes so far have been historical.   Now it’s time to turn our attention skywards and have a bit of a think about the celestial bodies that are wandering around out there, day in, day out, rain or shine.

I’m no scientist, so I’ve tried to make this quiz the opposite of your worst physics-exam nightmare.  At school I did come top in Physical Science, once.  It shocked me so much that it never happened again!

The answers and your score should be shown to you at the end of the quiz;  if they are not, please let me know and I’ll fiddle with the inner workings of PollDaddy in an attempt to put it right!


  1. Jeez…I did terribly 30% correct. Better get out the books and study. This was fun!

  2. 50%. I shall look at it as my cup being half full. 😉

  3. Got em all.

  4. Great quiz! Don’t tell my dad I only got 50% 🙂 I might get him to do it actually, and see how well he can remember his past life.

  5. 80% –love the skies and truly enjoyed it. Thank you, Jo!

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