Colin’s pin-feather challenge: pheasant and grey partridge

Having successfully completed the first of two paintings that will make up his multiple pin-feather challenge, Colin is making good progress with the second picture which features grey partridge, pheasant, teal and snipe with a central woodcock.

The grey partridge and pheasant images are now complete, and he has added a couple of pencil drawings in between them.   The partridge feather was unbelievably soft and unmanageable.  I haven’t heard too many complaints about the pheasant.   The teal is now being started, and the snipe is waiting in the wings (sorry about that!)

Grey partridge © Colin Woolf

Pheasants in progress © Colin Woolf

Pheasants © Colin Woolf

As usual, you can watch the paintings in progress and read Colin’s own comments about them on his website, under ‘Latest Paintings‘.


  1. these are lovely!

  2. I’m at a loss for words!!!

  3. Very, very talented! Such amazing detail!

  4. As if one of these paintings wasn’t enough….I’m running out of adjectives to describe his work but I’ll go for one of the popular Olympic words that seems to be on the lips of every commentator at the moment: phenomenal!

    • Thank you! Colin is now describing it as his ‘Olympic challenge’. I think he’s probably the only contender for a medal, but we won’t complain at that!

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