The Stone of Scone…

Our wet weekend in the grounds of Scone Palace has inspired my quiz for you this week.

Scone Palace is the original location of the Stone of Destiny (otherwise known as the Stone of Scone) on which, traditionally, all Scottish kings were crowned.

The Stone of Destiny is now in Edinburgh Castle, in a glass case alongside the crown jewels or ‘Honours’ of Scotland.  Rough-hewn, with huge iron rings at either end, it looks a bit incongruous next to the delicate gemstones and pearls in their exquisite gold settings.  I don’t have a photo of it, because photography in the chamber is prohibited;  instead, I have found a public domain image of a replica of the Stone of Scone, which sits outside Moot Hill Chapel at Scone Palace.

The addition of carrying ‘handles’ suggests that the Stone was not always kept in one place, or at least it was perhaps moved and kept under lock and key until another ceremony was imminent.  But I’m pretty sure the original stonemasons didn’t anticipate how far this massive lump of sandstone would travel over the centuries.  For its size and weight, the Stone of Scone has clocked up a surprising number of miles!

There are some fascinating legends attached to the Stone, but I will tell you about these in a later post.

What I would like to know this week is:

A replica of The Stone of Scone
Peter Hodge [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

I’ll reveal the answer on 12th July.  Good luck!


  1. It makes me laugh, all this business with this lump of stone, but it’s got a marvellous history!

    • There’s certainly been a lot of bother about it, but I do feel that I must speak up for lumps of stone everywhere. Stonehenge – Callanish – Ring of Brodgar… It’s just that the Stone of Destiny is a bit more… portable, and also less picturesque! 🙂

      • You’re quite right, sorry for my lack of respect! The stone’s life amongst humans has certainly been eventful, and I must admit that I do like the fact that it exists and has travelled all over the place having exciting adventures. If only stones could talk….! 🙂

      • Yes, if only…! They could solve so many mysteries!

  2. Susan Abernethy says:

    I find the Stone of Scone fascinating. Looking forward to more post about the stories of the Stone.

  3. Interesting tradition…I’m interested to hear more!

  4. dancingbeastie says:

    There is one theory, as you no doubt know, that even the ‘real’ Stone of Scone is a fake. Supposedly there is some evidence to suggest that the original was an elaborately carved Pictish stone. Perhaps it’s buried under the moot hill at Scone!
    By the by, the Queen is having lunch at Scone this Friday. Wonder if she’ll do what the rest of tourists do, and have her picture taken sitting on the replica Stone… 🙂

    • Who knows?! It’s a fascinating thought. I didn’t know the Queen was having lunch at Scone on Friday. Yes, if I was the Queen I would have brought my crown as well, the amazing Coronation one, to wear for any photos!

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