Fishing boats and reflections

We’ve spent a lot of time around the harbours of various places… Oban, Ullapool, Mallaig… and even more time walking or driving around the beautiful coastline of Scottish islands.   These lovely photos of fishing boats are just a few of our favourites.   Some of them are still in regular service, like the ones at Oban and Ullapool;  others, such as the very photogenic wrecks at Salen and Puilladobhrain, have seen happier days.


All images copyright © Colin & Jo Woolf


  1. A beautiful collection, fishing boats and harbours are endlessly fascinating.

    • Thanks, Lorna… yes, there’s something about harbours, especially Oban and Mallaig, with the ferries and fishing boats coming and going.

  2. Boats are my weakness. Really great photos Jo!!! I haven’t been able to choose a favorite!

  3. I love these pictures, boats are the most photogenic human creations! Geat collection.

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