Purdey has a guest to stay…

Last week, my fluffy friend, Ponyo, was a guest in our house for a few days.  She brought her maid and butler, who are called Verity and Chris, along with her.

Ponyo is an indoor cat, with a habit of flopping down anywhere the mood takes her.  She flops upside down in doorways, on the table, on the sofa…  I found it hugely inconvenient.

Anyway, we had some interesting conversations.  Or stand-offs, as everyone else called them.  That’s when I wasn’t ignoring her.

Back to normal now, thank goodness.  I’ve checked out the spare room and she has definitely gone.  (Looking forward to next time, Ponyo!)


  1. It’s a cats life….

  2. This is a lovely cat!
    So fluffy!!!
    Nice photos !

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