PAWS Awards 2012: Purdey’s answer to the Oscars

With the Golden Globes just behind us and the build-up to the Oscars already under way, I feel it’s time to bring my own unique acting talents into the spotlight.

I’ve devised my very own set of accolades for the film industry, which I’m calling the PAWS – Purdey’s Awards for Worldwide Stardom.

You may not be aware that I’ve starred in countless box office hits, for the simple reason that I have selflessly allowed other actors to take the credit.  Below is a selection of stills from my best-selling movies, and I’m giving you, my readers, the opportunity to vote for your favourite.  The winner will receive a juicy piece of cheese… no, no, remember, no dairy products… a golden fir cone, engraved with teeth marks.

It perhaps won’t escape your notice that all the films feature myself or my fluffy friend, Ponyo, in the lead role.  We’re not all that bothered about the likes of Meryl Streep or Leonardo di Caprio;  and anyway, we want to win the prize.

If you would like to place a vote, you can do so using the ‘Comments’ form at the bottom of the page.  Please specify your favourite movie and favourite actor.  The result will be announced on 26th February, to coincide with the Academy Awards.  (Insider tip:  at the time of going to press, the bookmakers are saying the winner will be either me or Ponyo.)

Catch you later – got to work on my acceptance speech!

My nominations…

The Deer Hunter

The Silence of the Lambs

Mission Impossible 2

The Shining


Downton Abbey

Ponyo’s nominations…


Brideshead Revisited

Bend It Like Beckham



  1. This is amazing! I vote for Ponyo in Flashdance, those dancing skills can’t be missed, although Purdey in Mission Impossible was a close second!

  2. The acting skills in Silence of the Lambs and Mission Impossible 2 are incomparable! These shots are truly terrific! 🙂

  3. My picks would be Mission Impossible, The Shining and Downton Abbey.

  4. :):):) Great post.
    I vote for Mission Impossible 2.

  5. These are great! My choice is Mission Impossible.

  6. MindMindful says:

    Bend It Like Beckham

  7. Kate Mitchell says:

    Really innovative idea and it makes me smile and laugh!
    My vote goes to Purdey 1st with Mission impossible 2 and runner up is Ponyo for Flashdance

  8. Melanie Woolf says:

    I vote for the shining – it made me laugh out loud !

  9. Philip Lhermette says:

    I think you have made an error here. “The silence of the lambs” is obviously an outtake from the classic documentary on the death of Gaddafi (The Libyan CATastrophe) showing him being dragged from the drain in which he had been hiding. Since this is the only entry in the documentary “cat”egory, this should surely receive a prize!

    • Very funny! Although the more we look at it, the more feasible it seems… but no, Purdey is a classically-trained actress with a long-standing disdain for documentaries!

  10. Philip Lhermette says:

    Didn’t I see her in “The avengers” a long time ago????

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